Kemono ni Koishita Manga

Kemono ni Koishita Manga


Kemono ni Koishita

Alternate Name: ???????, Kemono ni, Koishita
Year of Release: 2009
Status: Ongoing
Author: KAMIJOU Erina (Story & Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Romance Shoujo Smut
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From Midnight Scans: Madoka accepted the odd temper of the beast-like guy, Misao, and continues to be his sex-friend. But, the truth is, she wants his heart, too. But she is afraid that she will be dumped, so she does not confess her feelings... In order to graduate from this relationship, Madoka takes action...?! Also includes: Kemono ni, Koishita Karada Dake, Ageru Yokujou Hatsukoi Scarf

Chapter Name Date Added
Kemono ni Koishita 1 : Fallen For A Beast
Kemono ni Koishita 2 : Karada Dake, Ageru
Kemono ni Koishita 3 : Yokujou
Kemono ni Koishita 4 : First Love
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